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Privacy Compliance Statement

We are bound by the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (Privacy Act) and must comply with the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs). You can find out more information about the Privacy Act and the APPs at the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner’s website at

We have developed this Privacy Policy to inform you of how we manage your personal information.

By providing personal information to us, you are taken to have read, and consent to the collection, use disclosure and handling of your personal information in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

  1. Privacy Act 1988 Compliance: Pursuant to the provisions of the Privacy Act 1988, ALT & Sienna On-Site Management (“ALT & Sienna”) is committed to maintaining the privacy and confidentiality of all personal information submitted through this form.
  2. Confidentiality Assurance: All personal information provided in this form shall be treated as strictly private and confidential by ALT & Sienna On-Site Management, in accordance with the requirements of the Privacy Act 1988.
  3. Acceptance of Terms and Conditions: By acknowledging these terms and conditions, you expressly agree to abide by the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy as stipulated and accessible on this website.

Personal Information Collection Statement

  1. Definition of Personal Information: The term “personal information” as used herein shall bear the meaning ascribed to it in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (“Privacy Act”), encompassing information or opinions (regardless of accuracy) pertaining to an identified individual, or an individual who can be reasonably identified.
  2. Purpose of Personal Information Collection: Our primary objective is to collect personal information solely if deemed reasonably necessary for the provision of services associated with our Caretaking & Letting services, the Owners Corporation PS 539033E, or the fulfillment of your specific requests for products or information from our entity.
  3. Notification of Collection: At the time of personal information collection, or promptly thereafter, we shall undertake reasonable measures in the circumstances to apprise you of the collection process and any pertinent matters pertaining thereto, unless such notification is deemed obvious given the prevailing circumstances, or it is reasonably anticipated that you are aware or expect us to possess the information.

Legal Notice: Personal Information Collection

  1. Scope of Information Collection: ALT & Sienna On-Site Management (“ALT & Sienna”) reserves the right to collect personal information about you in the following instances:
    • Acquisition of property at sites where our services are rendered.
    • Lodging complaints or reporting issues.
    • Residential registration at the site.
    • Expression of interest in available properties.
    • Submission of maintenance requests.
    • Placement of key orders.
    • Registration of access swipe cards for building security.
    • Procurement of goods and services.
    • Booking of amenities.
    • Subscription to Building Announcements.
    • Interactions with our business and its personnel while receiving products or services.
    • Visits to our websites ( or any dedicated websites established for the properties, including via social media channels, real estate marketing channels, or other online platforms.
    • Application for employment positions with ALT & Sienna On-Site Management.
    • Voluntary inclusion on any of our mailing lists.
  2. Third-Party Information Sources: In cases where you are a real estate agent, specialized trade supplier, or another third-party supplier of products or services to ALT & Sienna On-Site Management, we may also gather personal information about you from your employer or the contracting entity with whom you engage in the provision of goods or services.
  3. Key Order Processing: For tenants, owners, and agents processing key orders on, please note that ALT & Sienna On-Site Management does not directly collect your payment details for the services rendered. Your personal information submitted on our website is transmitted to the online payment service PayPal for payment processing. For further insights, please refer to the PayPal Privacy Policy available at: PayPal Privacy Policy.

Personal Information Collected

In the event that you are an Owner, Tenant, Managing Agent, or prospective enquirer of a property, ALT & Sienna On-Site Management (“ALT & Sienna”) may collect the following categories of personal information about you but not limited to:

  1. Full Name
  2. Residential address (including Property Address)
  3. Email address
  4. Telephone number and alternative contact details
  5. Swipe Card number
  6. Supporting documentation and identification verifying residency or managing authority of the property
  7. Photographic evidence pertaining to Private Property & Common Property
  8. Details of vehicles
  9. Information concerning pets and animals residing on-site
  10. Designation of residency status (e.g., Owner or Renter)

If you are a supplier or contractor, ALT & Sienna may additionally gather details regarding the business entity that you represent.

Your provision of the abovementioned personal information is deemed necessary for the purposes of facilitating our services and managing property-related matters effectively.

Data Utilisation Protocol

Upon interaction with our business via our website, you explicitly consent to ALT & Sienna On-Site Management (“ALT & Sienna”) utilizing your data as follows, in accordance with the provisions of the Privacy Act 1998 (CTH) where applicable:

  1. Disclosure to Caretaker and Letting Agent: ALT & Sienna reserves the right to collect, employ, and disclose pertinent information to the Caretaker and Letting Agent responsible for the Premises associated with said information. This disclosure shall be made to the extent that the information is deemed relevant to the management and/or leasing operations of the Premises.
  2. Communication with Tradespeople and Contractors: Your data may be shared with tradespeople and similar contractors engaged by the Caretaker and Letting Agent to facilitate the provision of services concerning the Premises.
  3. Sharing with Insurance Entities and Legal Authorities: ALT & Sienna reserves the prerogative to disclose your information to insurance companies, authorised real estate personnel, courts, tribunals, and other requisite third parties as mandated by the Caretaker and Letting Agent. Such disclosure shall pertain to the administration of the Premises and the utilization of the Caretakers and Rental Providers services.
  4. Utility Connection Facilitation: Should you solicit the Caretaker and Letting Agent’s assistance in facilitating the connection and/or disconnection of your utility services, your data may be shared with a utility connection provider for this purpose.
  5. Communication with Emergency Services: In cases necessitating emergency intervention (e.g., Police, Fire, or Ambulance services), your data may be divulged to the respective Emergency Services.
  6. Communication with Owners Corporation and Management Entities: Your information may be shared with Owners Corporation PS 539033E, Owners Corporation Strata Management, and the Committee of Management of the Scheme for administrative and management purposes.

Your consent to these data utilisation practices signifies your understanding and agreement to the aforementioned disclosures, as mandated by ALT & Sienna On-Site Management. We may disclose your personal information to these third parties so that they can assist us with providing the best possible service and resolution to you.

Cookie Utilisation Policy

In conjunction with information acquisition facilitated by third-party website analytics providers, ALT & Sienna On-Site Management (“ALT & Sienna”) reserves the right to employ cookies on designated areas of our Websites. A cookie, being a diminutive file stored on your computer’s hard drive, facilitates the preservation of data. Upon revisiting our Websites, the data retained within the cookie is transmitted back to the website. Cookies serve the purpose of assessing visitor traffic, discerning trends, and enhancing efficiency in catering to your needs upon subsequent visits to our Websites.

Please be apprised that the cookies utilised by ALT & Sienna do not grant access to your computer or any personal information beyond what you opt to disclose to us. You retain the autonomy to accept or decline cookies. While most web browsers are configured to automatically accept cookies, you possess the liberty to adjust your browser settings to decline cookies if you so prefer. It is imperative to acknowledge that opting to decline cookies may potentially curtail your ability to fully exploit the functionalities offered by our Websites.

Purpose of Personal Information Collection

In the event that you are an Owner, Tenant, Managing Agent, or an individual making inquiries regarding a property, ALT & Sienna On-Site Management (“ALT & Sienna”) undertakes the collection of your personal information primarily for the following purposes:

  1. Provision of Goods, Services, and Information: To furnish you with the goods, services, and information that you expressly request from our entity.
  2. Service Provision for Owners Corporation PS539033E: To deliver the services mandated by the Owners Corporation PS539033E, including the enforcement of relevant protocols and services as prescribed.
  3. Dissemination of Building Announcement: To disseminate crucial building-related news to Residents, Managing Agents, and Owners, ensuring timely communication of pertinent information.
  4. Marketing of On-Site Property Management Services: To engage in marketing endeavors aimed at promoting our On-Site Property Management Services to property Owners.

In the course of fulfilling these primary objectives, we may utilise your name, email address, and telephone number for direct communication and marketing endeavors. Where feasible, we endeavor to afford you the opportunity to opt-out of subscription communications pertaining to building announcements and monthly newsletters.

In situations where it is deemed reasonable to expect that your personal information would be utilised or disclosed for purposes ancillary to the aforementioned primary objectives, we may also employ or disclose your personal information for the following supplementary purposes:

  • Assisting with inquiries or complaints lodged by you.
  • Aiding the Owners Corporation PS539033E in addressing your inquiries or complaints.
  • Fostering the development and enhancement of our client service standards and relationships.
  • Promoting, advertising, and broadcasting our products, services, and building announcements.

Quality Assurance of Personal Information

In our commitment to maintaining the integrity of your personal information, ALT & Sienna On-Site Management (“ALT & Sienna”) endeavors to uphold standards of accuracy, completeness, and currency. To facilitate this objective, it is imperative that you furnish true, accurate, current, and comprehensive information about yourself as solicited. Furthermore, it is incumbent upon you to diligently update us with any pertinent changes to ensure the continued veracity, accuracy, currency, and completeness of your information. Your cooperation in this regard is instrumental in enabling us to fulfill our obligation to safeguard the quality of your personal information.

Security Measures for Personal Information

ALT & Sienna On-Site Management (“ALT & Sienna”) may retain your personal information in either electronic or hard copy format. In our commitment to safeguarding your personal information, we implement reasonable precautions aimed at preventing its misuse, interference, loss, unauthorized access, modification, or disclosure. To this end, we employ a combination of physical, administrative, and technical measures designed to fortify the security of your personal information.

We undertake to retain your personal information in accordance with the requirements stipulated by law. Subsequently, upon the expiry of such legal retention periods, we will diligently execute reasonable steps to either destroy or permanently de-identify your personal information if its continued retention is deemed unnecessary. Through the implementation of these security protocols, we endeavor to uphold the confidentiality and integrity of your personal information.

Entitlements Regarding Personal Information

You retain the entitlement to request access to, or rectification of, your personal information held by ALT & Sienna On-Site Management (“ALT & Sienna”), subject to exemptions permitted by law. It is imperative to acknowledge that, for security purposes, you may be mandated to formalise your request in writing.

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