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We are the proud Management Right Operators at Alexander Lombard Tower & Sienna Apartments for 4 consecutive years. Our ARAMA Resident Managers and Letting Agents at ALT & Sienna On-Site Management reside at the complex which means we are usually the first to be aware of any disruption, damage or security concerns occurring on site – effectively putting them in the best position to take action efficiently. As a licensed letting agent, we also  operate a Letting Business on-site to offer Investors the confidence that there is someone onsite that can provide personal assistance, whether it is details on the complex, or on the local services and activities. On-Site Resident Managers & Letting Agents are also available for urgent repairs and can provide prompt rectification of problems in the unit to the benefit of both Lot Owners and Tenants. The Resident Manager has an obvious interest in the buildings’ presentation as it will influence the ability to market the facility in which they are also an investor and pro-active resident manager.

Our History

Founded in 1995 and now based in Melbourne, Victoria, a trusted family were exposed to a new and established model for managing high density residential buildings known as Management Rights & Caretaking. The model has developed significantly over the years and the Yardley family envisioned superior Management Services to their respective buildings Owners, Landlords & Residents.

ALT & Sienna On-Site Management is a true strongminded family business. We are firm believers Whether an Owner or Resident, Our On-Site Management Team, still proudly operated by the Yardley Family, strive to ensure our Owners and Residents are provided with professional On-Site Management, such as our ‘On-Site’ Letting & Sales and Caretaking Services.

The Yardley Family has worked closely with large developers such as Meriton in Sydney, New South Wales, with confidence that our expertise and knowledge of the Management Rights Industry was incomparable.

It is our philosophy to ensure all our stakeholders perceived expectations within high density residential living and investments are met and the growth and stability of the Management Rights Industry is maintained.

The Yardley Family is strong-minded we can deliver our welcoming services to our current Owners at Alexander Lombard Tower & Sienna Apartments.

We look forward to the journey ahead and growing our trust and relationship with all stakeholders along the way.

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