Essential Utilities

Hot Water

Active Utilities provides bulk hot water via a shared, solar-boosted gas hot water system, to all apartments at a discounted rate. The water is individually metered to each apartment. Registering is simple, just go to www.activeutilities.com.au to sign up using the below for the respective building:

ALT:             AUPR92841

SIENNA:    AUPR92842

If you are a tenant, please do not use the “&” symbol in the Real estate agent’s company name field.

Hot water will be available to your apartment when you move in, but will be cut off if you fail to set up an account.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact Active Utilities at their Melbourne based Customer Service & Support Centre on 1300 587 623 (8am to 6pm Mon-Fri) or email service@activeutilities.com.au.



Electricity is provided by network provider, WIN Energy. Simply go to www.winenergy.com.au, click “Get Connected” and follow the prompts to have your electricity connected and allocated to your name and property. Alternatively, you can call 1300 791 970 and create an account over the phone.

It can take up to three days for this request to be actioned and power to be available to your apartment. Please allow sufficient time for connection prior to moving in.


Active Utilities provides electricity to all apartments and common property at a discounted rate. The electricity usage in your apartment is individually metered. Registering is simple, just go to www.activeutilities.com.au to sign up using the below site code:


It can take up to three days for this request to be actioned and power to be available to your apartment. Please allow sufficient time for connection prior to moving in. If the connection time exceeds this period please contact Active Utilities.


Water supply to your apartment is supplied by City West Water. Cold water usage is individually metered and billed to each apartment. Please go to www.citywestwater.com.au/residents/change_of_tenancy.aspx, download the “Tenancy Form” and email the completed form to revenue@citywestwater.com.au. If you have any questions, please call City West Water directly on 131 691.


Please note that gas is provided to the stove top at no cost to the resident and billed to the respective Owners Corporation.

While the residents are welcome to choose any utility provider of their choice, the Owners Corporation recommends the companies mentioned above as cheaper rates and convenient connections have been negotiated to benefit the residents of the building.



Resident Helpdesk Services at Reception

Residents have access to our Resident Services located at the Alexander Lombard Tower Reception. If you have any problems, please do not hesitate to visit reception during business hours.

alternatively, please call 03 9376 7555 or email reception@altsienna.com.au

General Waste and Recyclable Materials

General Waste should be disposed down the waste chute located in the ‘Refuse Room’ on your apartment level. The Refuse Rooms are also equipped with two (2) recycling bins for small materials only such as, glass, plastic, polystyrene, paper, cardboard and aluminium. Oversize items to be disposed are to be brought down to the ‘Oversize Waste & Recycling Center’ located on the Ground Floor of ALT Building, and Ground Floor of Sienna Apartments.

Phone, Internet & Cable TV

Foxtel is available to all Residents at Alexander Lombard Tower and Sienna Apartments. Please contact Foxtel directly to connect your service and your digital box installation.

All Residents are welcome to use any phone and internet providers available. Residents will need to arrange connection directly with the provider. Building Management ensures the providers have access to the ‘Main Distribution Frame’ to complete your connection, during business hours.

Visitor Car Parking

Visitor car parking is available to all Alexander Lombard Tower and Sienna Apartment Residents. ALT visitor parking is available by proceeding up the ramp to level 1. Sienna Apartments is located down the ramp on Basement level.

Please note, the Visitor car parks are monitored by Secure Parking with a 2 hour parking limit. Offenders will be fined accordingly.





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