Sienna Moving & Deliveries Policy

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The Caretaker will schedule, supervise, and coordinate all people moving in and out of the building to minimise damage and inconvenience to its occupants, including the correct key operation of the goods lift. Under no circumstances shall the goods lift be used for moving purposes without the consent of the Caretaker.

Step 1: Booking the Service Elevator & Loading Bay: to book the Loading Bay and Service Lift for moving, please pre-book online. We encourage a 48-hour minimum notice period to ensure the loading facilities are available and adequate protection measures are installed in the lift and on Common Property. Bookings must be within the permitted time frames noted below. For deliveries, please call Reception and provide an indicative time range of the delivery and we will endeavor to make availability.

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Step 2: Service Lift Induction: Please see Reception to check-in and obtain the key to operate the service lift. Residents are to undertake an induction to operate the service lift in ‘priority mode’. Building Staff must be satisfied the Resident is competent in operating the Elevator.

Permitted Moving & Delivery Hours

Monday to Friday
9:00AM to 4:00PM

9:00AM to 11:30AM

Sundays & Public Holidays
Prohibited – moving or furniture/appliance deliveries not permitted.

Under no circumstance are household items, furniture or appliances permitted to be moved outside of these hours. Offending Residents will be reported to the Owners Corporation and will result in Securities intervention on-site.

Move in Options

Option A (Yellow): 

Our preferred ‘move in route’ is for trucks to unload furniture and take all items through ground floor car park and around to the foyer with two elevators. This allows residents to move in with minimum fuss for other residents.

Enter Loading Zone via Mt Alexandre Rd (Outside IGA) and reverse your truck into the Loading Area. Unload here and follow the marked arrows on the map to the elevators/lift lobby. Your access card will open the fire exit doors in the Loading Area.

The elevator at the front of the building should NOT be used for moving as it is a single elevator used by many residents. Your cooperation with this would be appreciated.

Option B (Blue): 

Access the Sienna Car Park (via Mt Alexander Rd). If you have a trailer and are able to drive into the Sienna carpark, we recommend that you unload your items on your carpark level directly into lift foyers. Please follow the blue markings on the map for access to the Sienna Car Park.

Trucks are not permitted in the car park.

If you enter the car park with your vehicle or trailer, please use precaution and take note of the indicated height clearances, if you exceed the height clearance there is likely risk of your vehicle damaging a fire sprinkler or other essential service infrastructure. Use the same precaution when moving out – loading up a vehicle or trailer within the carpark may exceed the indicated height clearances.

Download or view the map here.

Sienna Apartments - Map for Moving & Deliveries
Sienna Apartments Loading Bay

Moving Objects on Common Property – Protecting the Building

Scuff marks are caused in the corridors and Common Areas during moving and deliveries. Care must be taken when moving not to damage the interior or exterior of the lift and Common Property corridor surfaces. The following are recommended measures for protecting the building and your apartment while moving-in:

  • Ceilings, Walls, and Doors: Use Common sense as to avoid scuffing or chipping ceilings, walls, and door frames. Pay particular attention to avoid damage to sprinkler heads, exit lights and fire detectors on the ceiling.
  • Flooring: Do not drag heavy objects across carpets/flooring – use appropriate moving equipment (i.e. trolley or dolly) and/or carry all objects.
  • make sure your removalist company has suitable insurance to cover damage and/or accidents that occur on Common Property. Damage to Common Property will be recovered from the Resident/Owner.

Where a visitor or lot occupier is found to be interfering with the Lift operation, causing fault and breakdown, and cause malicious damage to the lift or operating components and to any common area, will be liable for any costs associated with call-out, repair or rectification of the damage that is incurred by the Owners Corporation.

Cardboard & Rubbish from Moving & Deliveries

Please use the oversized bins provided on the ground floor car park (highlighted in green on the map) for all your waste and recyclable material from the move in process. Do not use the Refuse Room recycle bins or rubbish chute on your level to dispose your move in waste. The Refuse Room is for residents to dispose their day-to-day household waste, only.

Oversized Bins for Waste and Recyclable Materials

Disposing Hard Waste – Moving Out or Spring Cleaning

The most commonly dumped items on Common Property are household rubbish, furniture, mattresses, computers, and televisions. Leaving (dumping) hard waste on Common Property is against the Owners Corporation Rules.

When moving out or carrying out a spring clean of your apartment, please ensure no household waste is dumped within the refuse rooms, car parks loading bays or any Common Areas outside of your apartment. Storing hard waste on your car space is also not permitted.

Council collections are not available for the complex, as the building waste is arranged with a private company. Private collections are held fortnightly from the hard waste collection zone. Please contact concierge/reception to arrange a time to access to the hard waste collection zone and booking the Service Elevator (if required).

If we are able to identify the person who dumped the rubbish we will investigate, and the Owners Corporation informed. Penalties and a Formal Breach Notice may apply. Please take the rightful course of action and dispose your hard waste correctly.

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