Landlord Services

ALT & Sienna On-Site Management is located on-site at Alexander Lombard Tower.

Our on-site Property Management team will offer ALT and Sienna Apartment investors a variety of options in how they choose to have their apartments managed.

Options to choose from:

  • Unfurnished Apartment leased as per normal arrangements
  • Long term furnished accommodation
  • Short term accommodation that also allows the investors to utilise their apartment at their discretion

The key benefits of utilising our “On-site Management” services are:

  • On-site and available throughout the day for all resident and owner enquiries.
  • provide 7 day concierge services
  • dedicated to managing the apartments within Alexander Lombard Tower, Sienna Apartments & Travancore on the Park
  • we are 100% committed to specialising and attracting tenants and clientele for your apartments only on-site.
  • open to show prospective tenants through apartments at all times, any day and at extended hours.
  • quickly develop a relationship with tenants/ guests and provide them a level of service not available in traditional residential complexes.
  • we offer a 7 day concierge service to all residents, guests and owners that will provide us with a point of difference and become a preferred place to live and visit.
  • Operating onsite will allow us to keep a close eye on our residents and ensure that your investment is being well cared for.
  • Encourage and foster a strong sense of community amongst residents via consistent communication and involvement within the complex.

Did you know? We are also the Building Managers that can help our investors:

  • Represent the owner’s interests at the Owners Corporation meetings.
  • Attend to all maintenance issues quickly and efficiently.
  • Personally handle all defects and any required maintenance issues under warranty on your behalf directly with the builder.

If you are interested in utilising our services, please enquire now on our website and one of our professional Property Managers will be in contact with you shortly.